Thursday, September 10, 2009


Yesterday, I had a granadilla for the first time. Ecuador has more fruits and vegetable than anywhere else in the world, according to my host family, so I've been trying all kinds of new fruits that I've never heard of before. Usually I just try it and don't ask questions, because they always taste good, but when Mami handed me half of a granadilla with the biggest smile on her face...I wasn't quite sure what to do. Or how to eat it. It kind of looks like an alien fruit, you know, it has these little white tentacle things coming out of the sides and the inside is full of black seeds all covered in this clear goopy stuff. I bravely took a spoonful and tried a bite, making the mistake of chewing the seeds.

"No no no mi hijita!"

Apparently you just swallow the seeds and goop whole. Okay, take two.

And it was actually pretty good. It's really sweet...I think they are eaten as desserts here. Anyway, like I have told so many people...everything here is an adventure.

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